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Door to Door Services

About Door to Door Services

Door-to-door is a type of shipping where the freight forwarder guarantees that the goods will be picked up from and delivered to the points agreed upon by the end customer. It is different from door-to-port or port-to-port because it means that it begins and ends at the postal codes of the cities covered by the freight forwarder.

Pick up and transportation to/from ports:  by rail or truck, we’ll cover the journey of your household goods to and from the ports of origin and destination.

Customs paperwork: We’ll prepare and submit all customs-related documents for your household goods in both the country you’re moving from and country you’ll soon be calling home.

Handle the transportation journey: We’ll ensure the container in which your household goods are transported is guaranteed a spot on the shipping vessel and liaise on your behalf with the shipping carrier.

Delivery to your new home: Once your household goods have cleared customs, we’ll pick them up from the port and deliver them straight to your doorstep.

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