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Land Freight

About Land Freight Services

Land freight, also called international land transport, is a logistics solution that allows goods to be transported using land infrastructure, such as trucks or trains; it is one of the most popular forms of transportation.

For short distances, land freight is the most popular option, especially since it allows greater flexibility in picking up shipments and offers more options.

ACL team provides door-to-door delivery and cross-border logistics throughout the UAE and the GCC.

ACL offer highly competitive rates and a guaranteed level of professional service.

ACL providing complete logistics management, including freight management, route planning, and coordination.


Land freight forwarding involves several types of shipment movement.

Less than Truck Load “LTL”: The LTL freight method is ideal for small and medium size businesses that do not need to fill an entire truckload of cargo. LTL shares the truck space and transport expenses with other businesses.

Full Truck Load “FTL”: Most companies prefer FTL freight for one of the following reasons: they have a large shipment requiring an entire truck, they need the entire truck even if it is not fully loaded, they are under a time constraint, or their products are high risk or delicate.

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