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Project and oversize shipments

About Project and oversize shipments

International transportation of large and heavy machinery from point A to point B is a path riddled with obstacles which sometimes may be unsurpassable. But your hopes and prayers do very little to ensure that a failure of massive proportions won’t take place. What you need are some proven ways to solve the biggest challenges those dealing with project cargo shipping face. Unless you want to be caught in a vicious trial-and-error cycle, take a look at these challenges and solutions for project cargo shipping. They may be an answer to your prayers.  

Safety issues and solutions

These days, project carriers are moving cargoes bigger and heavier than ever. The boundary has been pushed which, while good for the volume of business, is not ideal for safety. With heavier loads come greater safety issues and bigger possibilities of low-quality operations. And the safety of everyone involved must be of paramount importance. Since safety comes first, certain actions must be taken to protect everyone with any stake in the process. Being one of the biggest challenges to project cargo shipping, a lot of suggestions have been made to solve this burning issue. 

In addition, we carefully choose the most suitable means of transport to deliver on time and in good condition in the most difficult and dangerous areas of the world. We are highly specialized to handle inland freight and on-carriage up to points appear impossible.

Our Project Cargo managers will be your personal contacts. They will work for you to ensure the success of your shipment as planned.

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